In the process of creating a virtual museum of the ruined Sikorski House, the project Manager Viktor Griza made the zoning of the space in accordance to the theme of the Museum of Aviation and Art Nouveau. As a result, there are:

– Office of a psychiatrist (Professor Ivan Sikorsky),

– Hall of Sky Pioneers (with the Wall of Fame of the first designers and pilots and evidence of the first achievements of Sikorsky),

– Igor’s room (with documents of those years),

– Gallery of patrons (Kyiv philanthropists who took care of and supported of culture and arts),

– Salon of Art Nouveau (stylized according to the era that began at the same time when Sikorsky Sr. bought the estate №15 on Velyka Pidvalna Street, and ended in 1914 with the beginning of the First World War).

On the walls of a three-story building there are posters of the first air shows in Europe.

And on 2-3 floors there is a museum hub, which allows you to travel through the aerospace museums of Ukraine.

Work on replenishing digital funds and expanding the range of attached museums continues…


All the decoration of the premises and exhibits can be divided into full-fledged exhibitions, which allows you to visit the Museum Sikor Sky again and again – each time with a new goal: to plunge into a time of great inspiration and outstanding achievements of the first steps of aviation in Kyiv and Ukraine in the early XX century.

This is a place where significant events took place not only for the country but also for the history of all aviation – the first domestically produced aircraft took to the air, future world-class aircraft designers, daring pilots and aviation promoters lived.

Therefore, visitors of the Museum Sikor Sky are offered collections of documents, photographs, 3D models, interior items of the time, which will be of interest to both aviation historians and connoisseurs of Art Nouveau. Most of the items were creatively redesigned and adapted by the project’s lead artist Alice Zagura and the aero3Dengineering team led by Serhiy Prysyazhny.

Olga Barkova, a specialist in digitizing cultural heritage, and Anna Leksina, curator of the “Nash Sikorsky” exposition at the Museum of the Ukrainian Dispute of the Museum of the History of Kyiv, gathered the collections into digital collections of the virtual museum’s fund.

Special thanks for appropriate and meaningful advice to the director of the National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery” Yuri Vakulenko, master of aircraft modeling Eugene Galushchenko, general producer of the Ukrainian Fashion Week Volodymyr Nechyporuk and director of the Museum of the Ukrainian Dispute Oksana Pidsu.

As well as project partners – the director of the State Polytechnic Museum at KPI. І.І. Sikorsky Natalia Pisarevska and the director of the publishing house ADEF-Ukraine, which published the first biography of Igor Sikorsky in Ukrainian.


List of Exposures

The funds of the virtual museum are located on a platform DC-Visu system

The idea of ​​the museum hub is that through the House of Sikorsky – the cradle of the Kiev genius – you can get to other aerospace museums.

At the first stage, several Ukrainian museums will be attached to the hub. In the future, this circle will be expanded, but not limited to Ukraine.

An open virtual museum platform is able to create an extensive interconnected network of aerospace museums around the world, which fully corresponds to the scale of thinking and creativity of Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky.


Interactive tours of the museum labyrinths offer visitors interesting surprises and unexpected discoveries.

List of Excursions

The virtual museum hub is preparing a series of lectures on the history of Ukrainian aviation and space, which will be given by employees of museums of Ukraine and historians and museologists. Videos about the history of Ukrainian aviation can be no less interesting:

List of Lectures

One of the first quests only introduces the premises of the Museum Sikor Sky. But the reward will be an insight into the minds of the geniuses of aviation and space.


List of Quests

This short story is provided to the virtual museum hub by the Sikorski Digital Archive in Stratford, Connecticut, USA. There are many versions of the life and technical work of the great Kyiv-borned. Depending on the country-producer of video content, Igor Sikorsky is called either the Kiev aircraft designer, or Russian, or American.  Despite the factual differences in such versions, Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky can be considered a man of the world. Because the scale of its activities exceeded any geographical and historical constraints.


Virtual visitors are offered souvenirs of Museum Sikor Sky partners – books, statuettes, food for astronauts and more. Within the framework of the project financed by the end of 2020 by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, no commercial component is envisaged. Therefore, the choice of a souvenir does not provide a cash fee to the project and is a voluntary choice of everyone. For example, the sculptures of the young Igor Sikorsky, the original of which was installed near the Kyiv International Airport. І.І. Sikorsky, a copy of which can be ordered on the website of the author – Vladimir Zhuravel, or a biography of Mr. Helicopter at the link below:

The science

Historical explorations and scientific and technical research continue. The creators of the virtual museum will be grateful for any facts about the Sikorski family, Kyiv at the crossroads of the XIX-XX centuries, the modern era and more.

During the creation of the museum, a 1-year-old photo of Igor Sikorsky from the seed archive of Svitlana Kharlamova appeared in the public domain. So, the story continues …